Welcome to THE CITY IS OURS: a finite series of 6 issues that invite you to explore your city, town, or street with more curious eyes 👀.
Halfway between a book and a magazine, each issue is dedicated to a specific theme relating to the streetscape.

#1 Out Now!

How many types of abandoned gum can you find? Can a piece of gum reveal something to us about the city and its inhabitants?

In this issue, we bring a provocative and new look to the pieces of gum found on the street, which too often we judge in a negative way only.

In the first part we analyzed different types of discarded gums with a scientific-but-ironical approach.

The second part collates a series of different interpretations of chewing gum. Here, artists, photographers, and observers offer an inspiring overview of how gum can be perceived and interpreted differently.

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