Welcome to THE CITY IS OURS: a finite series of 6 issues that invite you to explore your city, town, or street with more curious eyes 👀.
Halfway between a book and a magazine, each issue is dedicated to a specific theme relating to the streetscape.

#2 Out Now!

There are a few different types of wall paintings that we may see while walking around a city: wall murals, graffiti, throw-ups, and tags for example, but also covered-up paintings, where illegal graffiti has been painted over.

These cover-ups might give an impression of badly painted, dirty, or messy walls to the untrained eye. But if we observe them with more than just the usual attention, what else can we figure out?

In the first part, we analyzed different types of graffiti removals with a scientific-but-ironical approach.

The second part collates a series of different interpretations of graffiti removals. Here, artists, photographers, and observers offer an inspiring overview of how removals can be perceived and interpreted differently.

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